CM10再次更新 10月稳定版M2发布

M2 is burning up CPU time on the build servers right now!

The M-Series is our monthly release series. The devices we build M for are essentially stable, and ready to be your daily driver.

We are building M2 for these devices:

Galaxy Nexus GSM (maguro)
Galaxy Nexus VZW (toro)
Galaxy Nexus Sprint (toroplus)
Galaxy S2 GT-I9100G (i9100g)
Galaxy S2 AT&T LTE (skyrocket)
Galaxy S2 T-Mobile (hercules)
Galaxy S (galaxysmtd)
Galaxy S B (galaxysbmtd)
Captivate (captivatemtd)
Galaxy S3 Sprint (d2spr)
Galaxy S3 VZW (d2vzw)
Galaxy S3 AT&T (d2att)
Galaxy S3 TMO (d2tmo)
Galaxy S3 US Cellular (d2usc)
Motorola Xoom (wingray/stingray)
Nexus S (crespo)
Nexus S 4G (crespo4g)
Galaxy Note AT&T (quincyatt)
Galaxy Note T-Mobile (quincytmo)
Google Nexus 7 (grouper)
LG Nitro HD (p930)
LG Optimus Black (p970)
LG Optimus LTE SKT (su640)
Sony Xperia Acro S (hikari)
Sony Xperia S (nozomi)
More devices are on the way! Many other supported devices are available as nightly builds, but may have a glitch or two that we are still working out.

The latest builds are available via the new CM Updater, as well as ROM Manager. Or, you can download manually from Get.CM. With any M release, we are zooming in on a stable version so we need your feedback and bug reports to make it as good as it can be!

If you like what we’re doing, please consider dropping a couple of bucks at our donation link below. It helps us outfit the teams with new devices as well as keep our infrastructure running.

Enjoy M2!

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